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The Team

The faces behind Reel Hound Media



Founder | Director | DP

Founder of Reel Hound Media, Jake has been nominated for multiple Emmys in documentary and commercial. He’s worked several script development jobs in LA before moving to New York and is a veteran of the film festival circuit and commercial production. Above all else, he is a lover of good storytelling and collaborative filmmaking. 

(718) 684-9611


Lead Animator | Motion Graphics

Karolina was born in Elk, Poland near the Russian border but moved to New York to study media production. She specialized in motion graphics and animation and over the years has worked for many of the top commercial brands. When she's not glued to a computer screen, you can find her working on her own productions or assisting independent filmmakers. 



Lead Editor | Camera Operator

Matt graduated from Columbia College Chicago for Film and Video. He moved to the east coast in 2015 and has been editing ever since he's landed. When Matt's not editing, he's training for his next marathon or making mole.

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