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Commercial & Corporate & Streaming

These are samples of the commercials, corporate, and streaming videos we've helped create! Showcasing our 2023 Emmy Nominated commercial for the Williamsburg Opera House, a trailer for the previous season of Breaking Bread, and a PSA broadcasted for Telemundo and Univision.

2023 EMMY Nominated Commercial

We created this commercial for the former Opera House in Brooklyn. A theater where we produced shows, and streamed live concerts, and it was nominated for a 2023 NY EMMY.

NYC Speech-Language Pathologist Commercial

We went on location to film and promote NYC Speech-Language Pathologist. We were able to make a commercial for their website along with testimonial and explainer videos.

National PSA Commercial for Telemundo and Univision

Our Team created a National PSA to be televised on Univision and Telemundo to give awareness to viewers on important issues and rights of immigration.

Breaking Bread Commercial

Our team was recruited to film and revamp the graphics for the television show, Breaking Bread. This is our 60-second commercial spot from that season.

Not a Webinar: Candid Executive Insights Livestream

We partnered with Jim Frawley to help execute his vision and livestream his podcast. We used three cameras and live-edited the podcast.

Concert Streaming of the Connolly Sisters

One of the first shows we streamed was for the former Emmaus Center. We used four cameras and our switcher. We implemented our color correction and graphics for the stream.

Future Now Non-Profit Promo

We filmed a Non-Profit conference to help the development of students emerging out of college, help them network, and see different career opportunities.

Our Lady of Mount Carmel Feast Commercial

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