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Full Episodes and trailers from TV Shows and Movies we've helped create. This page showcases the show Breaking Bread, Walk in Faith, and our most recent show Second Chances. We filmed all of the TV Shows that we showcase on this page.

Breaking Bread - Patsy's

For the season opener, we went to the heart of Midtown to film at the famous Patsy's Restaurant, and eat one of Frank Sinatra's favorite dishes, Veal Milanese. Shot on location with RED and Canon.

Walk in Faith - Martin Sheen

For this episode of Walk in Faith, we were joined by the famous Martin Sheen to promote the rerelease of his and his son's film, "The Way". We lit the former Brooklyn Opera House and filmed entirely on RED.

Second Chances - Trailer

For this trailer, we partnered with Monsignor Jamie and Judge DiMango. We follow the story of three ex-convicts. We explore their motivation to stay out of prison and discuss the unfair unbalance of America's prison system.

We shot three episodes entirely on RED.

Breaking Bread - Aunt Butchie's

For this episode of Breaking Bread, we traveled to Staten Island to film with our good friends of Aunt Butchie's. We watch as Monsignor Jamie makes stuffed meatballs with Peter Marcolini. They discuss their culinary adventure to opening up Aunt Butchie's. In this episode, we used a mixture of RED, Canon, and Sony.

Walk in Faith - Mark Wahlberg

We had the privilege to sit with Mark Wahlberg to discuss his film "Father Stu". In this episode, we filmed with Canon and RED.

RAMSEY - Trailer

At the beginning of our company, we had the opportunity to finish a feature-length film. For this movie, we finished the color correction, GFX, and delivery for distribution.

Walk in Faith - Trailer

This is a completed trailer for Walk in Faith throughout the past few years. We filmed all of the episodes featured in the trailer.

Breaking Bread - Feast of Mt. Carmel

On this episode of Breaking Bread, we celebrate with Monsignor Jamie and his church as they host their annual Feast of Mount Carmel Fest. We had to keep our production kit light and small as we were mobile this entire shoot. This episode was shot on Canon and RED.

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